Mission Fight Back!

Is the Thomson Reuters Foundation Survey 2018, which put India on the global map as the world’s most dangerous country for women justified? How disgusted do you get every morning when you read the horrors of sexual violence and exploitation in our country? How many men hang their heads in shame at every act of rape and sexual harassment? How many fight for your rights? Have you spoken up for yourself?

It is time for you to decide and break away from the shackles and stereotypes of the society, for you always had the strength, all you need is resolve and training.

Join MISSION FIGHT BACK and be a part of our crusade to train and empower all girls & women to fight against all perpetrators.

#WalkWithoutFear #BeTheChange #MissionFightBack

Our Aim

Create Awareness

Help the young girls know a right from a wrong. A good touch from a bad touch.

Build Confidence

Let them come out & express what they find offensive (before it even happens to them).

Make them Strong

Let us train the girls in tactical & self defence techniques of Krav Maga and be equipped to face any adverse situation.

Celebrity Support

Concerns of Modern Parents

Join Us In Our Fight Against Injustice