Strike (I-Confida Services Pvt. Ltd.)

Strike: I-Confida Services Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in teaching Self Defense to Armed Forces, Schools, Corporates. We believe that learning Self Defense is need of the day and should be learned by everyone at all ages. Team Strike came together as the brainchild of Retired Army Personnel, Self Defense Experts, Martial Artists and Corporate folks with a common vision, unique scientific teaching methodology and effective strategy to dealing with conflicts through CQC, CQB and UAC techniques.


The Institute for Career Studies (ICS-International)

The Institute for Career Studies (ICS-International) was established in 1985, for the holistic development of individuals through a multi-pronged spectrum of services in the field of Education. ICS pioneered the highly specialised field of career counselling and guidance for students in India and also in the Middle East and South Asia. It has the distinction of conducting its programmes in more than 200 leading residential and day schools, colleges, universities and reaching out to over 3,00,000 students through a dedicated team of eminent counsellors and professionals. In addition to career counselling and guidance programmes, ICS has also been engaged in designing and delivering a wide range of educational and professional training programmes for teachers and edu-leaders. It has trained over 10,000 teachers and more than 1000 principals since its inception. ICS has forged alliances with foreign universities for various innovative student-centric programmes. It also provides consultancy to educational institutions at various levels. Based on in-depth knowledge and hands-on experiential learning accumulated over the years, the Institute’s career counsellors and educationists have designed the first of its kind Post Graduate Diploma in Career Counselling and Guidance, a cutting-edge online courseware for counsellors and teachers. For its exemplary contribution in the field, ICS was recognised with The Times Group “Award for Excellence in Education” in 2015. The institute is led by its Founder-Director, Dr. Amrita Dass, a well-known educationist, career consultant, futurist, columnist and a philanthropist.



CatFit is the pioneer of M.A.S.T.S (Military Application & Special Forces Tactics for Students) Cutting edge techniques used by the Special Forces and the Black Cat Commandos are utilized to transform a person from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Standardized psychometric evaluation, psychological questionnaires and Special Forces innovate tools are used to strengthen the mind and hence the company tagline, “Mind Matters”. CatFit psychologists, mental trainers, speakers and councilors have quality experience in the field and are well renowned. CatFit designs and develops concepts and operating procedures to keep the students ahead of the possible threats, which may be psychological, mental as well as physical. CatFit’s mission is to identify various threats that a person faces or may encounter and provide the necessary tools to avoid untoward incidents or situations.


Mrs. Soni Sidhu
Psychologist & Professional Counselor

Has a degree in counseling psychology and psychotherapy. She has also successfully completed courses in career profiling, cognitive behaviour therapy, emotional freedom therapy, parenting, positive programming of minds and IQ Testing.

She has her own NGO which deals with mental health awareness as well and is also working actively working with the Indian Army in the field of Counseling and psychotherapy. She is a trained and certified clinical hypnotherapist and has been helping many clients with it since 4 years.

Her workshops include mental health, parenting, stress management and relationship building etc. She works closely with the corporate sector and has been working with brands like Johnson and Johnson as an EAP Counselor and trainer.