Be The Change

We at MISSION FIGHT BACK understand that preventing rape or sexual assault is an arduous and a long-term activity as it does not just entail teaching self-defence techniques but also necessitates striving for attitudinal and behavioural changes in the society as a whole. We as a society have failed to address it – either turned a blind eye towards it or brushed it under the carpet. How long will we let our sisters and daughters keep living in fear and facing humiliation thrown at them by the very same tormentors day after day? Under the initiative of MISSION FIGHT BACK, we aim to work closely with corporates, state governments and other like-minded individuals to help bring about a change and not keep asking for one.


For Corporates

  • Fulfill your Corporate Social Responsibility by Sponsoring a training programme in Schools or Colleges
  • Conduct Mission Fight Back training sessions for your Employees

For Government Bodies

  • Spearhead a Movement – conduct Mission Fight Back training programme in Schools or Colleges
  • Organise Mission Fight Back training for the community to make them aware of the potential dangers and ways to address them

For Schools

  • Conduct training session for your school kids and equip them to fight against all odds

For Individuals

  • Sponsor a training programme for a group of kids from the weaker section of the society
  • Be an Ambassador, the Voice of Change and create awareness in your community

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